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So What?

This Central Ohio Compact dashboard has an overwhelming amount of data, which can be hard to make sense of. The So What? page includes a summary presentation of some data points relevant to the 65% goal, as well as some frequently asked questions. More detailed answers to those questions, along with a tutorial to understand features of the site, are available here.

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What Is It?

The Central Ohio Compact Dashboard is an integrated data system that combines state employer data andhigh-school and post-secondary education records. It offers a picture of where we are as a region in producing job-ready graduates.

These reports will enable education leaders to identify best practices and areas in need of attention, equip students to make more informed decisions ontheir future and help employers find skilled workers to satisfy their needs.

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What Works?

The What Works page includes an interactive modeling tool. You can use it to model how changes in high school and higher education success in Central Ohio, as well as movement in and out of the area, might impact our trajectory toward the 65% goal.

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